Google+ Integrates Photo Editing

Imagine social networking sites without images and photos – absolutely void of visuals and subsequently less popular than their current standings.  Photos are the attractive element to social sharing.

A photo speaks a thousand words and with the help of Adobe Photoshop and other editing programs we have the ability to alter our photos to make them speak whatever we want them to express. Google’s new social form, Google+ (also known as G+), has already taken the initiative to provide users effortless photo editing and sharing of pictures through the integration of the photo editing website. provides a user-friendly way to edit photos online. The site provides an alternate editing route than Adobe Photoshop and requires no software or highly developed programming skills to master. Picnick has features such as  “instant thin” fix up, seasonal “stickers” and frames, or color and texture effects to enhance photos and create fun images. official website will shut down April 19th and will fully integrate into G+.

Dave Giruoard, Google’s VP of Product Management said,
“we acquired this online photo editor in 2010. We’re retiring the service on April 19, 2012 so the Picnik team can continue creating photo-editing magic across Google products. You can download a zip file of your creations or copy them to Google+.”
When you upload a photo in G+ it is stored in a Picasa web album called, “Photos from posts”.

Picasa is an online image organizer and image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos. When you edit photos in this album and post them, the posted photos will change accordingly at any time. Currently, G+ offers only six types of editing effects. However, with the integration of, users will be able to utilize new fun features to edit Picasa photos. For example, if you wanted to create a fun holiday image for your business or organization, you could upload a photo of your employees and edit it with a fun snow effect and text to wish your circles Season Greetings (or any other holiday such as Valentine’s day).

To use Picnick, simply find the folder called  “Photos from posts” and click the picture you want to edit. You will see Picnick’s logo (a green hill, blue sky, and cloud.) Click that and you’ll have Picnick’s editing features to use however you please! Contact us if you wish to discuss more features of G+ for business.

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