'What's in a domain? That which we call a….'

Do you know that you can find the Stellar Blue site by typing in any one of the following addresses:


These are all redirect links to our website, not separately hosted domain names.
The point? It’s not that we are mildly amused by having 12 domains point to our site, it’s more so for a few benefits:
•    If we don’t register domains with our company name, we risk losing the domains to competitors or liked named companies.
•    Helps direct type-in website traffic. Some people try to type-in a company name or service directly into the URL bar to find their site. Multiple domains help those users find your site.
•    Our main domain is www.stellarbluewebdesign.com. That is 28 characters of space that sometimes can be too costly. Using StellarBlue.co on online ads, with its 14 characters, is half the cost!
•    Lastly, when we discuss areas of service with clients and leads, we will provide them with a special link that adds an emphasis on that particular service.

There are many theories when it comes to owning multiple domains. Some companies create multiple catchy domains to help sell a product. Others think it may have an SEO benefit.

Overall Stellar sees it as a marketing benefit.

There are a lot of domain possibilities for your website with the inclusion of new domain extensions such as ‘.co’. To search for a new domain, use our domain check – click here!

Click here to learn more about what your domain extension means.

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