Types of Mobile Marketing Channels

Stellar Blue just had the privilege of giving a seminar on Mobile Marketing Success and taking a deeper look into what Fortune 500 companies are doing to reach their consumers via mobile. From the presentation, we had many questions regarding mobile marketing; a topic we are delighted to discuss! To help get the ball rolling as we continue to break down this topic throughout 2012, we want to highlight 8 types of mobile marketing/advertising:

Short Message Service (SMS)- Commonly referred to “text messaging,” SMS is used for sending short messages up typically up to 160 characters to mobile devices, such as cell phones, smart phones, and personal digital assistants, like PalmPilots. SMS is similar to “paging,” but doesn’t require the mobile device to be active and within rang. Uses of SMS include notifying a mobile phone owner of a voicemail message, notifying a salesperson of an inquiry and contact to call or notifying a driver of the address of the next pickup.

Multimedia Message Service (MMS)– As an enhancement to the SMS text messaging service, MMS enables images, audio and video files to be transmitted with the text message to a mobile device.
A multimedia message can be a photo with text, audio and/or video clip, or a synchronized playback of audio or video.

Mobile Websites-The Mobile Web refers to the use of Internet-connected applications, or browser-base access to the Internet through mobile devices connected to a wireless network. Mobile websites sizes down and displays current website content across a mobile phone, tablet and desktop devices. The biggest benefit to mobile websites is the ability for users to access Internet website content anywhere.

Mobile Apps– Mobile Applications are software programs developed specifically for a certain task. Mobile apps may be downloaded to any mobile device and developed by anyone with proper software knowledge. Some mobile apps include games, social networking, music, or lifestyle apps such as calorie counting.

Mobile Paid Search– Searches on mobile phones have increased 400% year over year and 29% of searches are done on mobile devices. Mobile advertising is key in today’s marketing world. Mobile paid search works similar to traditional paid searches. Image and text ads are displayed in search results and in the content of mobile sites. The advertiser pays when an ad is clicked. However, mobile paid searches generally work best for inexpensive, low-consideration products because people are looking to consume information quickly; such as finding places to eat or buying movie tickets.

Mobile Display (banner) ads– Mobile display ads are a type of mobile advertising in the form of a banner or long horizontal image, similar to banner ads on ordinary web sites. However, mobile display banner ads are smaller and are limited to one per page.

Location-based marketing– Today, mobile advertising is becoming more location-aware. Location-based marketing relies on geo-local information to offer users more relevant content. Location-based marketing goes hand-in-hand with mobile marketing strategies. For example, your mobile phone may recognize you are in the Fox Valley and therefore will have a banner ad for a popular restaurant in the area. (Location-based marketing can be based of off the popular social network “Four Square”)

QR Codes– Quick respond codes are comparable to traditional barcodes and are quickly readable. They can be found on any type of visual advertising and can be scanned by a user’s mobile device to access information, such as direct access to a promotional mobile website or percent discount. For example, mobile couponing, where a company’s discount can be capturing using a QR code is popular. Many times a QR code decoder, which is a free mobile app is needed to read QR codes.

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