Dwindling Physical Media Gifts

(Written from Marketing Director Amanda’s prospective)

Holidays are around the corner so like many of us I have been searching for the best presents for my loved ones. While running around and checking wish lists, it dawned on me: are physical media channels dwindling as gifts? Physical meaning hard covered books, CDs, DVDs, etc.

I personally love the feeling of physically turning a page in a book. And to be honest, I like having my stuff around me. But there is a significant transition occurring.

My retired parents, who gave me the gift of loving books, now own a Kindle.

In my personal home, we have shelves of collected DVDs that have collected plenty of dust due to Netflix streaming.

As for CDs – the only CD player I own came pre-loaded in my car.

So I am on the fence whether physical media is more valuable to me than virtual media. I brought this conundrum up to a few of my comrades and they posed the questions, “if you never actually touch or use those physical products are they real to you?” “Will younger generations who will have no idea what a Walkman or LP is have any less relationship with music than you have?”

Those questions hold some significant weight.  We do live in a society of fast evolving technology. We will continue to see shifts and older media take the back shelf.

Thought I’d share my prospective as I continue to shop for holiday gifts. So far, some items that have made it under my tree include nook gift cards, kindle gift cards, and iTunes gift cards….

What are your thoughts? Do you see this trend within your family and friends?

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