Claim Your Location!

Location, location, location! A business’ location is a hot topic when it comes to social or search engine search. When you type in a service need, Google results in businesses nearest your location. On Facebook, you can highlight your location. And so on…

As marketers, we understand that location is a feature that when used as part of a natural part of your marketing process, it can be quite useful. Keep in mind that as consumers, which we all are, some of the most useful information we can find is the location of a business.

Simply put, search for your business across any platform that allows you to do local or location-based marketing. These include: Foursquare, Yelp, Google and even Facebook.
It takes less than 10-15 minutes to claim your “page” usually.

“Claiming your venue unlocks the power to create specials and get insight into who is checking in. You should do this with any system that you think has potential, regardless of whether or not you think you will use it near term,” said Mike Schneider, author of Location Based Marketing for Dummies.

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