5 Campaign Items to Consider

A promotional campaign differs from a general marketing campaign since it’s promoting one element within the overall marketing such as a new product, a special deal or an upcoming event.

Typically when organizing a promo, the overall goals include reaching your target audience and stimulating those to take necessary action. These campaigns work for all industries from ecommerce to non-profits. Establishing a promotion online is a quick and efficient way to increase website traffic.

So how do we achieve this outcome? Stellar Blue has summed up 5 easy steps to plan your next promotional campaign:

1.)    Communication – First determine the audience whether it’s to the decision-makers, general public or specific individuals. Understanding the audience will help identify the appropriate communication channels. As mentioned in previous Stellar Solutions, two great channels are email marketing campaigns and blogging!
2.)    Objectives – Make separate objectives that differ from your marketing campaign. These objectives need to focus primarily on those who will be exposed to the promotion. Therefore promotional objectives are best expressed in short-term behaviors.
3.)    Awareness – What are your internal and external resources for advertising and spreading the message of the promotion? Creating awareness will determine whether your promotion will succeed or flounder. Consider your social media channels as great sources to build excitement!
4.)    Budget – Everyone’s favorite 6-letter word: budget. Take into account the internal resources it will require to establish, create, and promote the promotion. By understanding these costs, you will have a clearer picture on the potential success of the campaign. Keep in mind you can keep a budget as low as $1 per down on Facebook advertising….
5.)    Effectiveness – Before you begin your campaign, determine how you will measure the effectiveness. Once implemented, did you have the desired outcome as mentioned before? Was there any direct feedback? A great way to accomplish this online is through website analytics. Analytics will allow your to measure website traffic to particular pages, how people found your website and so on.

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