Thinking of Cathy

Today is a day of remembrance for Stellar Blue and our friends. A year ago today, Co-Founder and Multimedia Director Cathy Wunrow lost her 1 1/2 year battle with cancer. For those of you that had the pleasure of knowing Cathy, you would know that working in our community and getting to know so many of you was a source of happiness for her.

Beginning Stellar Blue was such a thrill and fulfilling experience for her. What started as a workplace friendship grew into a company she took so much pride in.

Cathy got her creative start working as the catalog creator for JJ Keller. She always had an interest in designing websites, so when the opportunity to join Dustin and Jim to begin Stellar Blue started to become a reality, she quickly trained herself to not only be a designer but also a developer. Within three weeks, Cathy was designing sites using the Flash animation and other skills that she had just mastered. A move that solidified the full service website approach that Stellar Blue needed to “get on the map”. Needless to say, Cathy was a natural leader who had a vision and a plan to get it accomplished. Cathy was never satisfied with her skill sets and always strived to learn more and keep Stellar Blue on the cutting edge of technology. A value that remains with the company as we continue to grow into the mobile marketing world.

When the three of us initially set out to combined our talents, Cathy was the obvious cheerleader of the group – she had what we called a “little girl barrel roll” of a laugh that would light up a room. Her charisma was infectious. She was the person that would not let us fail. Many times she would work 20 hour of a day to get a project completed. Her dedication became one of the core values that gave us the confidence that Stellar Blue could become a company. Cathy was truly the spark that lit Stellar. Her creativity and eye for detail made her the needed component to push Stellar Blue into creation over 5 years ago. We are honored to have worked with and to have known her. Stellar Blue continues to grow from the foundation that Cathy helped to build and her vision for this company.

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