Adding ‘Oomph’ To Your Website

Does your website have curb appeal? Is there a reason for a user to have their attention grabbed? Just like a brick ad mortar store, does your website have a great location (search results) and does it contain elements to give it a competitive edge?

These are all valid questions; especially with more and more competition turning to use the web to promote their business, services and products. So if you are happy with your existing website, what can be done to help push your website to greatness?

Two applications we see being prominent pieces to a well rounded website experience are:

Design Centers – To achieve a competitive edge, companies are exploring the option of including a unique software application onto their website to help streamline their work, products and services. For an example, Darboy Stone & Brick offers several applications we call design centers that give their customers the option to build their own custom products online! In order to achieve this functionality, Darboy needed this application to be designed and programmed to mirror their website. Click here to check out what Stellar Blue created for them: a granite design center and fireplace design center!

Rotating Images – A growing trend for websites is the integration of animation or some sort of movement. A popular trend is a section of the website that uses rotating imagery especially found in website headers or sidebars. This coded application will draw attention to the company name, logo and services. This process is important to allow the use of many images with a small piece of the website’s real estate. This type of movement can be developed several different ways but does require additional programming. A good example of this innovative design would be our very own Stellar Blue home page header. Click here to view. Or check out Tri City Glass and Door’s home page as well with the rotating image to showcase their services.

These are two of our quick ideas but there is plenty to discuss. Let us know if you are looking for some pizzazz!

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