Still Straddling the Twitter Fence?

Twitter became a powerhouse of communication in a short time by acquiring millions of members since August 2006. With a social network as vast and as simple as Twitter there is no reason not to explore your tweeting options.

The Twitter prototype was derived from Jack Dorsey’s growing interest into what his friends were doing. Based on a phone text system, Twitter offers its users 140-character space per message to allow their friends to know what was new and late breaking.

But how can businesses capitalize on such a network?
The Twitter website offers these following examples: “When electronics buyers look for good deals, the Dell Outlet Twitter account helps them save money with exclusive coupons. When Houston’s coffee drinkers decide where to get their daily dose, many choose Coffee Groundz, which lets them order via Twitter.”

Besides offering customers discounts, Twitter allows users to share information quickly on their company to their target market. In the business section of the Twitter homepage, it says, “As a business, you can … gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners and other people who care about your company.”

For the first time, Twitter allows relationships to build along the way from business to customer. A company can now communicate in a casual manner with a customer, to give them a friendly, more intimate appeal associated with your company.

To learn more on how Twitter can benefit your company visit their business section.

How to get started:
Before you create an account, play around with usernames. Stellar Blue was fortunate to keep ‘StellarBlue’ as their username, but sometimes your first option will not be available. However, try to maintain a name similar to your company’s to avoid confusion with customers.

Go to twitter’s signup at to establish an account. Fill out four simple questions: Name, username, password, and email.  It is as simple as that and now let Stellar Blue make it even simpler.

Contact Stellar Blue at [email protected] to set up your Stellar Social Media Package.

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