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Sometimes it feels in the age of technology, that when a new fad, creation, software, etc. starts it takes off rapidly leaving you behind in a cloud of confusion. A prime example for many people right now is Google+. It was just yesterday it was in a ‘beta/private-invite’ phase and now it’s all over the tech news, your Gmail accounts and so on. I don’t blame you if you feel a bit left behind. Technology and social networks swoop up quickly and then you get anxious when all you hear is the benefits for you and your business but you have no clue as to what it is!

So, let me help. I have put together some basic Google+ tips on how to use this online platform. Just know that Google+ is a social network created by Google (obvious, I know). Its main focus is to encourage real time conversations through comment threads.

Circles: Google+’s core is the circle concept. The circles are how you categorize your online relationships with your acquaintances. Google+ begins with 4 circles provides to you: Friends, Family, Following and Acquaintances. However, you can create your own circles to help. For instance, I personally have a work circle and a business connection circle. To place someone in a category, you drag that person’s contact into the circle. People can be in multiple circles. The purpose of categorizing is that you can share certain information with certain circles. For instance, I might want to share with my business contacts about one of Stellar’s upcoming presentations while I would share my upcoming camping plans with my family. It mirrors how you would normally share information to the different groups of people in your life now.

Profile: All Google+ profiles are public so your basic information and profile photo are public so people can recognize you unless you customize sections to maintain privacy.

Sharing: Like other social networks, Google+ allows for you to share your updates, photos, links, videos, etc. There is no character limit and you can choose different format styles. As mentioned in ‘circles,’ you can choose which audience you share which type of information with such as public, individual circles or a grouping of circles.

Click here for Google’s own video tutorial on Google+.

Click here for another good source of Google+ info.

If you are interested in joining, email me, Amanda Betts, at [email protected]. I will send you a Google+ invite!

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