If your website was an employee, would you fire it?

It’s a fair question. You invest time into it, you make sure it’s in working order and you than expect results; as you would with any employee. So why would we treat it any different?

Websites that don’t work properly or efficiently can be detrimental to your web presence and marketing. Common mistakes are dead or broken links (links that don’t have a working destination), busy or unclear navigation, images that don’t load, and websites that can’t be found on Google.

So, give your website a fair and honest review.

Some questions to ask yourself to see if you website makes the cut:

  • Does it grab our audience’s attention within 8 seconds?
  • Without reading, does our website properly display who we are or what we provide?
  • Can I get to what I need in two clicks?
  • Do we know of any leads that came from our website?
  • Is our website a good source of information for a lead to follow-up on?
  • If I type in related topics of my business with a location term in Google, do we come up in results?

If you find yourself questioning or answering ‘no’ often, your website hasn’t been performing with it’s best foot forward. In more cases than none, there is hope for your site. Whether it’s a simple redesign or some search engine optimization work; evaluate its faults to see if it’s worth investing just a bit more time into.

Web presence is a competitive market and you want to make sure that your website is properly representing your company. So if your website is going through its review, let Stellar Blue help. We’ll help make your website your number one employee!

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